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French with Nathalie offering Personalised French Tuition

As a French native based in South Gippsland, Nathalie is the ideal choice when it comes to learning French. Nathalie offers French lessons for children, students, adults and also business French. Nathalie teaches all levels of French speakers, from beginner to intermediate and advanced. Nathalie provides personalised one to one or small group tuition.

You can be assured that you will always be taught by Nathalie providing a continuity of experience that larger schools don’t always provide with their constantly changing teachers. 

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One on One French Lessons

Nathalie's one-on-one French lessons allow you to learn French at your own speed and pace fully supported by Nathalie, your highly experienced friendly native French tutor.

French for Children

Encouraging your children learn French is one of the best things that you can do for them. Nathalie's French lesson for kids are design to be a fun and enjoyable experience.

French for Students

Nathalie offers French tuition for all levels of students, from Primary to VCE and University students. She has had a lot of experience and success with students including both her sons!

Business French Lessons

Nathalie has experience of teaching French to businessmen which goes back to her days in the UK where the language school she worked for focussed entirely on business French.

French Conversation Groups

Nathalie runs a friendly and lively Meetup group. Meeting regularly in cafes in small groups allowing everyone to practice their French with Nathalie assisting

French Lesson Gift Vouchers

Nathalie has themed gift vouchers available for all: Birthdays and Christmas

What our students say

“Before studying with Nathalie, my French was at an average level in high school. But since I began taking up classes, my French vocabulary and even my French accent began to improve immensely, further helping my year 12 studies.” 
– Connie, VCE Student

“I have enjoyed my lessons and meetups with Nathalie. Nathalie always prepares her lessons and gives us homework which is relevant to “speaking French like the French”  She is willing to listen to what you want to learn or to structure the lessons herself. I recommend Nathalie to all.” 
– Margot, Adult Student

“Nathalie’s tutoring style is great, she teaches you like a friend and not like a teacher, it also helps that she is French and knows how French people actually talk not just textbook french which would make you sound like a robot.” 
– Damien, VCE Student