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Our Tutors

  1. Native French Speakers
  2. Years of Experience
  3. Friendly and Patient
  4. Supportive

We Teach

  1. Adults
  2. Students
  3. One on ones
  4. Groups

What our students say

"Before studying with Nathalie, my French was at an average level in high school. But since I began taking up classes, my French vocabulary and even my French accent began to improve immensely, further helping my year 12 studies."
- Connie, VCE Student

"Nathalie's tutoring style is great, she teaches you like a friend and not like a teacher, it also helps that she is French and knows how French people actually talk not just textbook french which would make you sound like a robot."
- Damien, VCE Student

"I have enjoyed my lessons and meetups with Nathalie. Nathalie always prepares her lessons and gives us homework which is relevant to "speaking French like the French"  She is willing to listen to what you want to learn or to structure the lessons herself. I recommend Nathalie to all."
- Margot, Adult Student

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French Lessons

French lessons taught by a passionate native French speaker with over 25 years experience teaching students of all levels

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French Workshops

We regularly have Weekend workshops, that give francophiles the opportunity to truly immerse themselves in French language and culture

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Cultural Events

We host a range of cultural events, from casual conversation classes at French cafes, seeing French movies and Cooking French food.

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