The “king’s cake” (La galette des rois) – Epiphany –

Tomorrow 6th of January, French people will be eating La galette des rois (the kings cake) . It originally comes from an ancient tradition when people used to make a slave a king for a day In Notre Dame de Paris by Victor Hugo, it used to be called “la fete des fous”  the crazy man’s feast.

Then the catholic church transformed it into the celebration of the 3 kings arriving to see Jesus 12 days after Christmas.

On that day, people in France “tirent les rois”, they bake (or buy) and eat a cake in each cake is hidden une feve (a bean) in fact a small trinklet. The one who finds it becomes a king or a queen and wears the crown provided by the “patissier” with the cake. If he/she wants he/she can choose a king/queen .

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