Lessons & Pricing

Below rates apply when booking a term.

For ad hoc lessons please get in touch.

School Students / VCE : $65 per lesson (1 hour)

These lessons are specifically tailored to the student’s curriculum and aim to maximise the student’s results.

Adults : $65 per lesson (1 hour)

Beginner to advanced lessons. Perhaps you’re going to France soon and just want to learn a few basics to help you get around, or maybe you just want to brush up on your high school French to impress your friends – whatever your goal is i’ll make sure we’ll get you to where you want to be!

Adults – Group of Two : $35 each per lesson (1 hour)

Sometimes it’s nice to learn with a friend or significant other, perhaps the two of you are travelling soon, or maybe you just love French culture and want to immerse yourself in it.

Adults – Group of 3 or more : $25 each (1 hour)

If you already have you own group that are keen to brush up on their French that’s great, otherwise we’re I’m very happy to pair you up with others who are looking to learn in a group – this can be a great way of meeting new people who also share your passions.