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FrenchwithNathalie – French Classes in Melbourne

Why do you want to learn French?

In Australia people usually want to learn French for one of two reasons. Either for the pleasure of learning French. Often combined with travelling to and visiting France. Or as part of their studies at Primary or Secondary School or University.

For Pleasure & Travel

Paris Eiffel TowerFrench Wine

Do you want to learn French for pleasure? The joy of being able to converse in the French language? For use on holidays. Meeting up with French speakers on holiday or even in Melbourne. To practice your French and share your love of France, French food, wine and culture with like-minded individuals?

French Conversation

If this is you, then you might be interested to know that Nathalie runs a successful meetup group “French Conversation and Fun Bayside” which has been having regular “meetups” generally in cafe’s for a number of years. It has over the years had more than 450 meetups. Check it out by clicking the link above.

Favourite locations for French conversation meet-ups include:

  • The Ormond Provedore Cafe on North Road Ormond. This cafe has been operating since 2003. A testament to its success thanks to great food, coffee, drinks and ambiance.
  • Two Feet First a Bayside cafe located in Chelsea. Voted by Herald Sun as one of the best cafe in Bayside July 2017, we are a contemporary cafe with a thoroughly modern menu.

Where else can you practice your French

Once you start to master French it becomes a real joy to be able to converse with others in French, to watch French movies and films and notice when the sub-titles differ slightly from what is actually being said.

We may not be in France but Melbourne does present frequent opportunities to speak to French speakers

Dining or drinking in St Kilda or South Yarra cafes, bars, pubs and restaurants for instance.

There are of course French restaurants and cafes which can usually be guaranteed to have French staff who you can practice your French on. Click on this link here to see some of the best French Restaurants in Melbourne, with reviews from tripadvisor

You will find that there are a lot of young French staff over here on a working visa employed in these places. It is a great way to practice your French with some simple phrases asking them where they are from, do they like Melbourne and Australia.

These relatively simple interactions will build up your confidence in a non-stressful environment.


Learning French for Studying

Are you a student in primary or secondary school or University, who is looking for some help with French or an opportunity to really excel in the French language? Are you a parent who is looking for some assistance or coaching for your child who is studying French?

VCE Students

If you are a VCE student Nathalie has coached many of these to success in the VCE exams. And let’s not forget that a foreign language is marked up in VCE adding extra points to get you that bit further ahead. In which case the cost of that extra tutoring represents extremely good value for money when the final VCE results come in.

Both of Nathalie’s sons benefited from this and gained entrance into the courses they wanted to do at Monash University with relative ease.

Perhaps you are doing a French course at University, looking for a French tutor to give you that extra edge. Which comes from speaking to and being taught by a French native speaker.

Primary School Students

You are never too young to learn a new language. Starting early will ensure you are well placed in future when studying or learning French in later years.

About Nathalie

Nathalie is a French born native speaker. Nathalie who grew up in the Vendee. The Vendee is situated on the West Coast of France just South of Brittany.

Nathalie also spent a number of years living and working in Paris before moving to the UK and subsequently to Australia.

In the UK Nathalie was qualified to teach Adults in Evening Classes. With French a close and easy to get to popular holiday destination, these classes were very popular in the UK.

Nathalie combined teaching Evening Classes while also working for a major language school, teaching French to managers and executives of French companies with offices in the UK.  

In Australia Nathalie initially was quickly employed by two Melbourne secondary schools schools as a French Tutor, teaching French to a wide range of students from primary schools to post graduate.

Nathalie also tutors adults and retirees keen to either learn a new language or refresh their previous knowledge of French. While the meetups she runs provide an opportunity for people to get together while being gently guided and assisted in learning French.

French Lessons with Nathalie

The focus of Nathalies French classes are that they be tailored to suit the individual needs of the student. If it is for study and passing exams then these lessons will differ from those where there is a more conversational and leisurely approach to learning. At all times though Nathalie tries to ensure her French Lessons are enjoyable and fun.