Bradley Cooper speaks French

Bradley Cooper speaking French. He’s not bilingual he may need to ask for some questions to be repeated but he shows what a native English speaker can achieve.


UNITED FOR FREEDOM – Melbourne – Peaceful walk on Sunday 18th January

UNITED FOR FREEDOM – Melbourne marche dimanche

Tout Melbourne est attendu pour une marche pacifique, Dimanche 18 janvier 2015 à 14h. Le départ se fera de State Library jusqu’à Fédération Square. La rue sera fermée par les forces de l’ordre pendant 1 heure. Des personnalités ainsi que des membres de la Communauté Aborigène seront présents. Cette marche, après celle de Je suis Charlie également organisée par Laura Laffitte et son équipe, a pour but de montrer que la ville de Melbourne défile pour la Paix dans le monde.
Il est demandé aux participants de s’habiller en blanc, d’apporter des fleurs blanches et de se munir de la pancarte “NOT AFRAID” qui circulera sur les réseaux sociaux afin de l’imprimer auparavant.

Sylvie Serrano ( 15 janvier 2015

Peaceful walk 18th January from State Library to Fedaration Square. The street will be shut by police for one hour. Some VIP as well as members of the Aboriginal Community will take part in the march.
Wear white, bring white flowers and you can carry a sign saying “not afraid” which you might be able to print from the social Medias beforehand.

Nous sommes Charlie

Watch these two video of Chard and Wolinsky presenting “clowns sans frontieres”
We will not forget them.

Why we are all affected by these deaths

Nous sommes Charlie is the catch phrase used by all the people who want to show their support to all affected by the death of all the journalists, police officers and maintenance workers who lost their lives in Paris yesterday in the premises of the French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo.
1. Charlie Hebdo is indeed very satirical, but of satirical of extremes and all religions, and political personalities etc. It always opens up important debates about issues . It is supposed to open people’s mind, not get people killed. Most of us are able to accept criticism and even laugh about themselves.
2. In addition, Most French people are personally affected by this as most of these journalists worked in more than one newspapers some of them in children publications such as “Quotillon”. Consequently a lot of French people have been brought up reading their books or comics.
3. This has also affected France in its core values Liberté, égalité, fraternité. France is the country of human rights and freedom. These attacks are aiming directly at these values. The freedom of speaking and thinking praised by all French philosophers Like Voltaire. More than the attack of a few journalist, it wants to destroy a way of life, the very right to think.

The “king’s cake” (La galette des rois) – Epiphany –

Tomorrow 6th of January, French people will be eating La galette des rois (the kings cake) . It originally comes from an ancient tradition when people used to make a slave a king for a day In Notre Dame de Paris by Victor Hugo, it used to be called “la fete des fous”  the crazy man’s feast.

Then the catholic church transformed it into the celebration of the 3 kings arriving to see Jesus 12 days after Christmas.

On that day, people in France “tirent les rois”, they bake (or buy) and eat a cake in each cake is hidden une feve (a bean) in fact a small trinklet. The one who finds it becomes a king or a queen and wears the crown provided by the “patissier” with the cake. If he/she wants he/she can choose a king/queen .

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